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Asante Runners


Power walk your way through life with our ergonomically engineered Asante running shoes. Whether you are sweating it out at the gym or chasing after your little ones, this pair of unbelievably durable and lightweight runners is your perfect daily companion. The EVA (ethel vinyl acetate) sole is highly flexible, adapting to whatever sport or activity you choose to do, while providing maximum protection and cushioning that you need. Flexible, comfortable, and anti-slip, you will want a matching pair of Kai’s Runner for your kids as well. Or, pair it with our best-selling Gadot Leggings and flaunt your kid’s art left, right, and center!

Go ahead and snap a picture of your kid’s artwork (yes, you can use your mobile phone to do so!). Then place an order with us and we will do the rest. Check out “HOW TO ORDER” for more information on how to take good quality photos.

Design: 2-3 business days
Production: 5-7 business days
Delivery: 7-15 business days (standard shipping)

Get a matching phone case at only S$19.90 if you purchase this item! Usual price S$29.90.