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I’m excited about printing my kid’s artwork on bags and jewellery. But how does it all work?

Don’t worry! The process is very simple.

  • Take a good photo of your kid’s art/craftwork using your mobile phone. (see “How do I take a good photo?” right below)
  • Browse through our selection of products and find something you fancy.
  • Upload the photo on the product page and hit "Add to Cart".

Check out your order and that’s really it! We will take care of the rest.

How do I take a good photo?

You don’t need to be a professional photographer. You don’t even need a professional camera! As long as you follow these steps, you will be able to take a good photo: 

  • Find a spot that has as much natural lighting as possible. If there is none, a well-lit room will do the trick as well!
  • Place the art/craftwork vertically upright against a white/plain background. The vertical placement is to avoid casting a shadow on the masterpiece.
  • Get your camera ready and distance it such that it captures as much detail of the artwork as possible. With a steady hand, snap a few photos and choose the best one.

That’s it! Just order a product that you want to print on and leave the rest to us.

What will my kid’s artwork look like? Will it look like the original?

Here are a few samples of how actual photos of children’s artwork (left) are rendered into beautiful, high-resolution designs that are print-ready via our unique conversion process.



As you can see, we do not simply use the photo you send us and print directly on to the merchandise. Our in-house graphic design artist will personally render each photo into high-resolution, seamless designs that are print ready. If the original artwork is simple (e.g. butterfly, watermelon, rainbow), we will be able to capture most, if not all, of the original artwork in the final design. If the artwork is more complex (e.g. aquarium) or sometimes incomplete, we will identify certain key elements in the artwork (e.g. fish, seaweed etc) and use these essential elements in the final design. In this case, the final design will look different from the original artwork. Still stunning, of course!


What will the final product look like?

Most of the photos that you see in our store are computer renderings of products. The actual product and size may differ slightly due to varying conditions during the production process and deviations in measurement.

How many pieces of artwork can I print on ONE SINGLE product?

For every product that you order, you will be entitled to 1 artwork design (i.e. submit photo of 1 artwork for printing on your item). This is already included in the price of the product. If you want to combine 2 or more pieces of artwork for printing on one single product, you can! Please see the FAQ directly below.

Can I combine 2 (or more) pieces of artwork for printing on one single product?

Yes, you can! For example, you would like to print your daughter’s beautiful artwork on the Aravis Leather Tote. However, you would also like to incorporate your son’s artwork so that he feels included as well. We can solve this parental dilemma for you by merging both pieces of artwork into one seamless design for you to print on one single merchandise. Just order this Purchase-with-Purchase option Graphic Design for 1 Single Artwork before you checkout – we will handle the rest. For the best design outcome, we will recommend not more than 2 pieces of artwork per product.

Can I print 1 piece of artwork on multiple products?

Of course you can! Just place an order for all the items that you wish to purchase and submit the photo during checkout. In fact, as long as you purchase any one item from our WomenMenKidsHome, or Jewellery collections, you are entitled to order this Purchase-with-Purchase option of a matching Phone Case (using the same artwork design) at only S$19.90 (usual price S$29.90).

Can I add text (e.g. my child’s name) to the final design?

We would recommend including any text as part of the original artwork for the best design outcome. For example, you can capture your child’s name on/beside the artwork in the photo. Then using the photo as a basis, we can extract the name of your child and incorporate it into the final design. We are unable to add text during the design/production stage as the “texture” of the text will be vastly different from the artwork, thus affecting the aesthetics of the final design outcome.

Should I take a photo of artwork or craftwork?

You can definitely photograph 3D craft, but 2D drawings usually give the best effect.

I love your concept but I can’t find anything that I would like to print on from your store. Can you help?

Sure, of course! If there is something specific that you have in mind, we can help source for products that are not available in our store. In this case, shipping fees and delivery timings may differ.

How long will it take for my order to reach me?

For JEWELLERY - design (2-3 business days), production (*3-14 business days), and delivery (7-14 days). You can expect to receive your order within an estimated 12-31 business days.

For ALL OTHER PRODUCTS - design (2-3 business days), production (*2-7 business days), and delivery (7-22 days). You can expect to receive your order within an estimated 11-32 business days.

*Actual production timing depends on the specific product that you have ordered. Please refer to the corresponding product description for more information.

Due to the bespoke nature of your order, we will necessarily require some time to render your original photos into beautiful, high-resolution designs. The above timings are just estimates. While most orders will arrive before or within the estimated timings, we expect some delay during peak seasons such as Christmas. If you are purchasing a gift for your loved one, we highly recommend that you place your order 2-3 months in advance to avoid disappointment.

Do you offer free delivery?

Yes, we offer FREE delivery to anywhere in the world for orders above S$150! Otherwise, a flat rate of S$9.90 applies to orders S$150 and below. Please see our FAQs on Shipping for more information.