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+ How long will it take for my order to reach me?

 Jewelry All Other Products
Design 2-3 days 2-3 days
Production 3-14 days 2-7 days*
Delivery (Worldwide) 7-14 days 7-22 days
Total 12-31 days 11-32 days

*Actual production timing depends on the specific product that you have ordered.
Please refer to the corresponding product description for more information.
Due to the bespoke nature of your order, we will necessarily require some time
to render your original photos into beautiful, high-resolution designs. The above
timings are just estimates and do not include delays due to customs processing.
While most orders will arrive before or within the estimated timings, we expect
some delay during weather abnormalities and peak seasons such as Christmas. If
you are purchasing a special gift for your loved one, we highly recommend
that you place your order 2-3 months in advance to avoid disappointment.

+ Do you offer free delivery?
Yes, we offer free delivery to anywhere in the world for orders above US$100!
Otherwise, a flat rate of US$9.90 applies to orders US$100 and below.

+ How do I track my package?
Once your order has shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number that
you can track on

+ I have placed multiple orders. Will my orders come in one package?
In most cases, your orders will be shipped out in separate packages as they
originate from different parts of the world. To ensure that our customers receive
only high quality products with high quality print, we have sourced from all over
the world some of the best suppliers and factories that are able to meet our high
standards. In addition, the production timing may differ from item to item. In this
case, packages that are ready may be shipped out first to avoid any delay.

+ I have been given a tracking number but there has been no update. Why
is this so?
Often times, the shipping label will be generated upon order placement and
before the item is produced. In this case, you will be unable to track your
package until it has been shipped. It will also usually take 1-2 days after
shipment for tracking information to be updated on

+ What if my order is lost in or damaged during transit?
If your order is lost during transit, we will be happy to replace your order. Your
order is considered lost if you have not received your order 50 days (70 days
during weather abnormalities and peak seasons) after it has been shipped. This
time span does not include any delay due to customs processing. We will not be
held responsible for lost or stolen items once the courier company declares the
package as “Delivered” or “Received”.

If your order came damaged, please take a photo of the product immediately
(within 12 hours of receiving the package) and reach out to us at with your order number. We will assess these each
case individually and try our best to resolve the issue. In cases where serious
damage is caused during transit, we will be happy to replace your order. In other
cases, we may issue store credit as compensation.

+ What if I submitted the wrong shipping address?
If your order has not been shipped, quickly reach out to us at to update your shipping address. Unfortunately, if
your order has been shipped to the incorrect address provided by you, we are
not responsible for replacements or refunds.

+ Will I be charged any taxes and/or duties?
You will be liable for all duties and/or taxes levied by your country’s Customs
department, if any. As these fees are paid directly to the government of the
destination country, we cannot collect these fees upon checkout and are unable
to advise how much they are. You will need to make all the necessary payments
when your package arrives in your country in order for Customs to release it to

+ What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Paypal and most international credit cards. For orders originating
from Singapore, we also accept local interbank transfer.

+ What is the currency used for transactions on this website?
All prices are listed in US$. The currency converter is used as a reference
only. The actual price at which you are charged depends on the exchange rate
set by your credit card company on the day of transaction.

+ Can I cancel or change my order?
You can cancel your order any time before payment is verified or confirmed.
Once your payment is confirmed, we will be unable to cancel the order.
You may change your order to another product in store (using the same
artwork), provided that production has not already started for the initial order. If
production is already underway, you will not be able to change your order.
Please check your order/s carefully before payment.

+ Can I return my order or ask for an exchange/refund?
We do not accept returns, exchanges and refunds due to the bespoke nature of
our products. In the event that we issue you a full replacement or store credit

due to loss or damage during transit (see “SHIPPING FAQs” above), you do not
have to return the item to us.

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an order with us.
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