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A Story Behind Every Art: "From Seed to Fruit"

Posted by Jiaqi Koh on
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We are back with the third installment of our series "A Story Behind Every Art". In our last two blogposts "Chase That Rainbow" and "The Bonding Butterfly", we shared two very simple yet powerful stories behind the beautiful art painted by two of our bèbè artistes. Today's artwork is just as simple - and its backstory all begins with this watermelon:

print kids art, store kids art, display kids art, kids art gifts, personalized gifts kids, personalized gifts family, aprons, organize kids room, unique personalized gifts

This artwork was co-created by a 2 year-old boy who had just started preschool a few years ago, with the help of his teacher. He was having an especially difficult time adjusting to preschool and was extremely apprehensive and fearful of all the new faces and situations in his environment. His teacher patiently made several attempts at encouraging his participation in school using music, games, and art & craft. She never gave up. This was the artwork which "broke the ice" and helped him gain the confidence he needed to transition smoothly into his daily routine. Hence, it is a particularly meaningful piece of artwork that his mother wanted to preserve and print on gifts - the Liesel 100% Silk Scarf and the Alexander Phone Case (which you will see in the video below).

We used the exact same photo above which she submitted to us and rendered it into a beautiful, high-resolution, repeated design for printing (view more examples here)


Developing self-efficacy from young is extremely important - the belief that "I can accomplish or succeed at the task I have set out to do". It is at the core of what drives little kids to pursue meaningful, goal-oriented behaviours from feeding themselves to building a tall tower of lego blocks completely on their own. These perceived beliefs driving our success and motivating us to do what we do will eventually carry on to middle childhood, adolescence, and subsequently into adulthood. 

This is why the environment that we provide our kids has to be especially conducive to nurturing self-efficacy - filled with opportunities to trial and to error, coupled with generous amounts of patience, love and attention. As parents, we have to remind ourselves that kids will always be kids - we as adults must have the will, determination and perseverance to facilitate their growth - it will not happen overnight. These are the very same beliefs that we want our kids to develop, aren't they? 

Every watermelon began with a seed. This art embodies the virtues of tremendous patience, determination and willingness to wait till fruition, on the part of both the kid and his teacher. We are honoured to have played a role in preserving the story behind this artwork. 

As we always say, kids are the best creators and really do make the most insightful art. Look around the house today and we are sure you can find some art or craft made by your kids that have as great a story to tell. We can help you print, display, or transform your kid's art into meaningful gifts for the whole family. If you need some help with making your first order, hop over to "How to Order" and we will be happy to assist you. 

By the way, if you need tips on how to take a good photo of your kid's art using just your mobile phone, head over to our FAQs. The good news? You don't need a scanner or a professional DSLR camera or phenomenal photo-taking skills. Your mobile phone alone will do the trick. We will take care of the rest. It's that easy.

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