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A Story Behind Every Art: "Chase That Rainbow"

Posted by Jiaqi Koh on
A Story Behind Every Art: "Chase That Rainbow"

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Welcome back to the second installment of our series "A Story Behind Every Art". We hoped you enjoyed our first story here

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Isn't it amazing what 7 colours and a few broad, simple strokes do to an empty canvas? This artwork was completed by a 6 year-old boy and submitted to us by his parents. 

Like most boys his age, this boy pretty much prefers engaging in rough-and-tumble play with other boys. He is usually not particularly fond of engaging in quiet, sit-down activities like painting and reading, unlike his younger sister. However, he saw his sister playing with the various colours on the paint palette and he started to show a little interest in doing the same. His mother saw this and quickly gave him a blank canvas and some paintbrushes. She said, "Do whatever you want on the canvas". Though initially apprehensive about his ability to draw, he told his mother that he wanted to paint a rainbow. When asked to state why he chose the rainbow, he explained that the rainbow "has many colours" and, in turn, asked how his mother how rainbows are formed. The conversation eventually evolved to one which touched on bigger and important issues such as diversity and love in a troubled world.

She shared with us that she found the interaction with her son particularly meaningful and she wanted her kids (including her daughter, who was present at the interaction) and herself to remember the the important takeaways from that conversation. We used the exact same photo above which she submitted to us and rendered it into a beautiful, high-resolution, repeated design for printing (view more examples here. By the way, if you need tips on how to take a good photo of your kid's art using just your mobile phone, head over to our FAQs. The good news? You don't need a scanner or a professional DSLR camera or phenomenal photo-taking skills. Your mobile phone alone will do the trick. We will take care of the rest. It's that easy.

Besides printing her kid's art on the Liesel 100% Silk Scarf and the Alexander Phone Case (which you will see in the video below), she also printed the same design on the Alstonvale Throw Pillowcases, which she used to decorate the kids' playroom with. The pillowcases serve as a daily reminder of the key messages associated with the rainbow her son spontaneously drew one afternoon. How meaningful!


From an adult's perspective, based on what we know about the rainbow, this rainbow is not perfectly drawn in many ways. But yet, it is the most perfect art you can ever ask for. With this backstory, you can feel the spontaneity and courage of the child, and also the force and purpose it embodies - for it cleverly found a way for the adult to reflect on her own belief system and to reiterate important messages of love and peace to her kids and even herself.

Kids really do make the best art. Look around the house today and we are sure you can find some art or craft made by your kids that have as great a story to tell. We can help you print, display, or transform your kid's art into meaningful gifts for the whole family. If you need some help with making your first order, hop over to "How to Order" and we will be happy to assist you.

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