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A Story Behind Every Art: "The Bonding Butterfly"

Posted by Jiaqi Koh on
A Story Behind Every Art: "The Bonding Butterfly"

Bèbè Artiste | Transform Your Kid's Art Into Gifts For The Whole Family.

Kids love to create. One of the most wonderful and fulfilling moments in parenting is to watch our kids express freely, be it through art, music or dance, without inhibition and fear. The look of pride, joy and satisfaction on their faces when they finally present to you their masterpiece is simply priceless. It is their special way of connecting their hearts to yours - to let you know what they are thinking and feeling at some moment in time.

If you have the time to browse through every piece of artwork created by your kid, you would inevitably realize that each piece of art or craft tells a story. More often than not, it will be a story of love, triumph, patience, resilience, compassion - virtues that we want the next generation to develop and carry on. Even as you scratch your head over what to do with the piling artwork in your household, never underestimate the value of these masterpieces.

To kick off our "A Story Behind Every Art" series, we first tell the heartwarming story behind this artwork submitted by our customer's daughter:

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Grandma was babysitting her grand-daughter and this beautifully imperfect butterfly was the labour of love borne towards the end of the day. Patiently hand drawn by Grandma and lovingly coloured by her grand-daughter, this artistic expression of love and bonding is now preserved forever by Bèbè Artiste. We transformed this piece of art into treasured and meaningful gifts for both Grandma and her grand-daughter! These memories are now theirs to wear and keep forever, close to their hearts. Watch what we did here:

We rendered the artwork into beautiful, high-resolution seamless designs (view more examples here) which were then printed on some of our best-selling products - Mirage Carryall Tote, Alexander Phone Case, Indigo Coin with Kenton Station Chain, and Liesel 100% Silk Scarf.

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